Spiriter Week, day 7

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to draw Reblys or Anna so I drew both. (I also considered drawing Fadroh and his incredible 80s hair but then I realized I’d already drawn way too many alfardians)

Anyway- last day of Spiriter Week 2014! I just wanted to mention how fun it’s been, everyone in this fandom is always so excited about doing BK things even though it’s so tiny and it’s great. You people keep on rocking.

Until next year!


Our bickering had to come to an end sometime.

If this part didn’t break your heart and allow a single manly tear to escape your eyeballs then you are a stronger human than I.  Spiriter Week day 6!  

Spiriter Week, day 6

imagine Alfard having really self-indulgent pet portraits tho

Spiriter Week, day 5

This is why you don’t leave your food unattended around cats, Trill.

we’ve always been watching. nothing you’ve ever done has been a mistake.

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"Sagi, meet Melodia."

Sagi cries about being a daddy for sure

Spiriter Week, day 4


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Spiriter Week, day 3

Larikush’s contribution to the local wildlife is inestimable.


Lyude’s beautiful but asshat siblings

I’m such a failure, I wanted to post everyday but I’m too busy QAQ