Just some Sand faces (from Neverwinter Nights 2) I drew for @theraphos! Curse him and his weirdly elaborate embroidered robes.

What’s that again?

Spiriter Week is a week-long Tumblr celebration of all things Baten Kaitos! All you have to do to participate is post Baten Kaitos-related content every day for a week, between October 13th and October 19th.

But I can’t participate every day!

That’s cool! The “once a week” thing is mostly a goal. Even if you only post once or twice it’s likely the tag will still see more activity than it gets on average, which is awesome because more Baten Kaitos stuff.

Didn’t it happen much later last year?

It did. It also fell right in the middle of finals for a lot of people/right after nanowrimo, so we figured October might be a better month for everyone.

I can’t draw/write!

Not a problem! Anything goes. Want to post funny screenshots? Sure. Haiku about getting stuck on the Goldoba when underleveled? Fine. Your very own, irl Verus scrapbook? … Uh, we’ll get back to you on that one.

So, what do I even tag these things

Last year’s tags seemed to be mainly “spiriter week” and good ol’ “baten kaitos” and it worked great. Anything else is up to you, really. I’m a sucker for funny tags gimme plenty of those

Where’s my hat

here u go

I think that’s about it! See you people around.


Today on characters I felt like doodling from games no one but me has played:

Kalas from Baten Kaitos.

Just a quicky, though. Some day I’ll do a serious picture for it.


Hey, tag, No and I were wondering if anyone would be interested in doing another Spiriter Week, except in October this year. Last year it was during NaNo, and we want to avoid December because holidays.

So, just a quick interest check?


Last year was super fun but many people were busy with nano so october seems like the best option

so if anyone’s interested

it may or may not become a thing


If you follow my twitter you would have seen me spewing my love and praises for Baten Kaitos all over tonight.

Please Play Baten Kaitos it’s a lovely and wonderful game that you can pick up on ebay for 15-20 bucks. please.



amarant coral you piece of trash

(I dont ship these two, but for two people who supposedly cant stand each other, they sure spend a lot of time moping around together in pubs…)

drawn in Corel Painter XII

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since jagermeister appears to be doing a whole furry themed ad campaign now, i figured i’d take this moment to remind people of the time orangina went all fucking out on an ad campaign of their own, and made up some particularly original choices for representatives of their own for it

O… Okay.

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